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January 9, 2018

Patience Is Your Biggest Investment Asset

An Excerpt from the Article: Patience is a virtue, but it can be difficult for investors to master. Focusing on short-term results may impede progress toward long-term investing objectives, limiting the...
US News
September 29, 2017

Create Your Own Portfolio Benchmark

An Excerpt from the Article: Much of the heavy lifting of investing centers on choosing the right assets for your portfolio. How those investments perform can influence your short-term decision-making and...
US News
July 28, 2017

The Mental Mistake Hurting Millennial Investors

An Excerpt from the Article: A decade after the economic collapse, a new generation of investors are still feeling its impact. Despite having been mainly on the sidelines during the peak of...
June 27, 2017

Kiplinger: Only You Can Prevent Portfolio Fires

Know your comfort level when it comes to risk. If you’re feeling uneasy, there’s probably a good reason for it. Everybody wants to make money, and nobody wants to lose…

March 21, 2017

Kiplinger: Are You Ready For Retirement?

By Ken Heise Retirement is a huge transition, much like getting married or having kids. And just like those other life events, it takes preparation. Financial professionals tend to focus…

October 4, 2016

Kiplinger: 4 Big Retirement Regrets That You Should Avoid

Retirement is a scary and exciting crossroads all at the same time. It is often said that we spend more time planning a vacation than we do retirement. This Kiplinger…